Travel Different!
22 Jun

Travel Different!

You are planning for an interesting outdoor moment with friends, or, perhaps, you want to do some travelling and you need somewhere to carry your personal effects. You are aware that all the other choices of bags in your arsenal just won't do. Why not try out the kanken backpack? This is not your ordinary backpack with nothing to write home about. It is uniquely and interestingly designed, coming in an array of colours to choose from. So, whether you are bold and go-getting, or simply laid back, this backpack has considered you in its choice of colours.

Kanken backpacks are designed tough. They do not easily wear and tear, therefore they can serve you for years on end. I know you may be having a horrid story tucked away somewhere, about that backpack that promised you heaven but could not even deliver the earth. Your experience with this backpack, surely, will not disappoint. Since it is built to last, watch out; it may end up being inherited by your next generation! It is a perfect bag to use as a carry on while travelling, since it is lightweight. You see, 300 grams for the weight of an entire bag is a good bargain. Extra pounds are not what you want when each pound counts in your travel!

Kanken backpack's design is simple. It is made up of four pockets: one big pocket that forms the major compartment, two side pockets that are great for your umbrellas, water bottles and other little effects, and one small pocket right in front of the big compartment, to give you extra storage. The big compartment has a two-way zipper, which allows you to either access your stuff discreetly from whichever side of the compartment, or just fully open it up. The backpack has two, strong, built-in straps that enable you to carry it as a back pack, and an extra pair of straps right on top of the bag that enable you to carry it with one hand.

The traps for the backpack, however, are not so comfortable, especially if you have quite a load in the bag. As such, you may consider buying an extra pair of shoulder pads for your own comfort. How, then, should you care for this little valuable companion so as to increase its durability? Its manufacturers recommend a light hand wash, and a reapplication of wax on it to keep it waterproof. No other lengthy procedures that should require you to call the pope. As a carry-on or an outing bag, Kanken backpack is considered just the right size. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one today and revolutionize your travel and outdoor moments.