Fjallraven Kanken Backpack: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Backpack
30 Sep

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Backpack

Searching for the ideal product to fit your very need takes a long time. When it comes to backpacks, the search may last longer than other products. This is because there exist very many backpacks in the market today and that being the case, trial and error is not the best approach. That’s where I come in to save you from all the hustle of experimentation I had gone through before I found the ultimate backpack; the Fjallraven Kanken backpack. If you are wondering why I label it as the ultimate backpack, you won’t wonder for much longer! Having used the Kanken backpack for years (yes, years!) I would narrow its efficiency to the following points:

#1 Durability- if you are anything like me, you don’t want to keep making constant trips to the shop to buy a backpack either for yourself or your kids. The Kanken backpack is made with polyvinyl which doesn’t seem to wear out. In fact, having bought the bag for my nephew first, I replaced my normal backpack two times before I switched to Kanken backpack! From experience, the most frustrating thing with backpacks is the tendency of the straps and handles to snap quickly. The woven shoulder straps of this particular backpacks will surely impress you.

#2 Effective compartmentalization- Compartmentalization in backpacks is the norm and that being the case, some (most!) backpacks just have compartments for the sake of having them. My Kanken backpack has a spacious main compartment which is easily accessible. Also, it has front and side pockets, which complement the main compartment. Nowadays, when I get to work I easily locate my keys and other personal items. Searching for things in your backpack shouldn’t be so hard, and Fjallraven clearly understands that.

#3 All-weather bag- one thing you want from your backpack is the assurance that irrespective of the weather, your items are safe, right? Then Kanken backpack should have you reaching for your wallet like I did mine. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, I always know when I get home, all my things will be the same as I packed them. The polyvinyl fabric used in making the bag repels moisture than most (if not all!) synthetic fabrics out there.

#4 Ease of carriage- with most backpacks I noticed that you easily tire, for example, when waiting for your ride home. Like that is not enough, you also look awkward in some places. As I mentioned earlier, the Kanken backpack has woven shoulder straps which make it easy to carry the bag around. Also, the backpack has dual top handles which offer flexibility to the mode of carriage. Additionally, there is the cool factor associated with the Kanken backpack. Having been designed in 1978, the bag has earned itself a reputation as the go-to backpack for children and adults alike. The Kanken backpack is a timeless piece which will not disappoint you.